Ethiopia | Sidama, Washed
Ethiopia | Sidama, Washed

Ethiopia | Sidama, Washed

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Nov 2021 - Jan 2022
1994 m


Region: Sidama

Washing station: Bonko washing station

Owner: Said Adem Bedane

Taste notes — lime, gingerbread, milk oolong tea, and jasmine.

Local farmers deliver ripe red cherries to the Bonko washing station, where Said Adem Bedane is committed to producing the highest quality washed coffees from Ethiopia. From harvest to brew, every step is carefully managed to create truly exceptional, classy coffee.

Extended story 

It's easy to see why we've been purchasing Said Adem's coffee for three years in a row now - we simply can't get enough of its exquisite flavor and aroma. Knowing the passion and dedication that goes into every single cherry only makes each cup even more special. Whether enjoyed in the quiet of the morning or shared with friends over a lively conversation, Said Adem's coffee is a true delight that we cherish every time.

Said Adem Bedane and Bonko washing station.

In the Sidamo region of Dare, located in the south of the Sidama zone, lies the Bonko washing station, owned by Said Adem Bedane. With a well-known road from Addis Ababa, via Yirga Alem and Dilla towards Yirgacheffe, the area surrounding the washing station is known to be suitable for cultivating specialty coffee.

Said Adem Bedane, the owner of the Bonko washing station, who has made it his mission to not only produce high-quality coffee but also improve the lives of the farmers who cultivate it. The washing station has the capacity to handle 165,000 kilos of green coffee every harvest, using state-of-the-art equipment such as an Agard (three-disc) pulping machine, fermentation bins, and drying beds.

At the heart of Said's business philosophy is the belief that farmers should be treated as equal partners. When they bring their ripe red cherries to the Bonko washing station, they are rewarded with fair prices. In addition, Said believes in giving back to the community. He has made it a priority to donate books to the local school and transport the sick to the nearest hospital using the company truck.

Through Said's hard work and dedication, the Bonko washing station has become a thriving business, attracting more and more farmers each year. The success of the business stands as a testament to the power of community-focused entrepreneurship and the importance of fair trade practices.

The Bonko washing station has become a beacon of hope for the community, providing farmers with a means to support themselves and their families while also giving back to the local community. Said Adem Bedane's vision has not only created a successful business but has also improved the lives of countless people. His story is a true inspiration for anyone who believes in the power of hard work, dedication, and community.

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