Ziedonis | Ethiopia, Jimma, Limu, Washed, Bio organic
Ziedonis | Ethiopia, Jimma, Limu, Washed, Bio organic
Ziedonis | Ethiopia, Jimma, Limu, Washed, Bio organic
Ziedonis | Ethiopia, Jimma, Limu, Washed, Bio organic

Ziedonis | Ethiopia, Jimma, Limu, Washed, Bio organic

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October - December
1700-1800 m
Seasonal coffee


Region: Jimma, Limu

Washing station: Tega & Tula farm

Owner: Ahadu Woubshet

Taste notes — Jasmine, red apple, nuts & dried fruits.

We have started a collaboration “Ziedoņa muzejs” , from each sold coffee Ziedonis (in English - Blooming) will be donated to changing the roof of the house belonging to Latvian poet Imants Ziedonis in Murjāņi. This coffee is an ode to beginnings, echoing the essence of the Latvian poet.

On every label you'll find a question that prompts deeper reflection, because the poet loved to think. Coffee Ziedonis - it’s not just about the taste, but the story, history, and friendship. With direct trade, organic cultivation, and a unique taste profile, every sip is a journey to Ethiopia's heartland.

In nature, Blooming is the one that wakes up everything in the spring. It's the sign of a new season for each flower and tree. With a warm touch Blooming opens everything up, signing that it's time to wake up for a new crop.  


Ethiopia & Limu


Ethiopia is akin to the first flower buds of spring, evoking anticipation and joy while filling the air with bright aromatic notes. As the birthplace of coffee, this origin offers a wide spectrum of flavors and aromas, ranging from citric notes to sweet stone fruits and juicy tropical fruits, all combining with floral, spicy, and tea-like nuances in a single cup. Ethiopia is renowned for its regions, each boasting specific taste profiles. For example, Sidamo coffees exhibit a tea-like profile, while Guji combines ripe fruit sweetness with jasmine notes and a hint of funkiness.

This coffee comes from the Limu region, located in the west of Ethiopia. The Limu region is not an official designation in Ethiopia. It falls under a larger defined region named Jimma. However, in the specialty coffee industry, Limu is recognized for its specific taste profile. Often overshadowed by the popular Sidamo and Yirgacheffe regions, Limu is built on a strong culture and structure of large co-ops and unions. Here, you can find an entirely different and exciting Ethiopian coffee—a clean, delicate, and more subtle cup, but with the same profound flavor base you expect from any Ethiopian coffee. 

Tega & Tula Farm

 The Tega and Tula farm is nestled in the forests of the heart of Jimma, Limu region in the southwestern part of Ethiopia. Established in 2000, the farm was created to plant, produce, and deliver high-quality Ethiopian coffee to the market. A mission it has continued to fulfill. At the Tega and Tula farm, approximately 50 to 60 people are permanently employed throughout the year, with up to 100 people joining to hand-pick coffee during the harvest season. 


Coffee cherries are harvested and delivered to the farm's washing station, where they are hand-sorted to remove unripe and defective cherries. Subsequently, the cherries undergo mechanical pulping, and the beans are washed immediately in specially made baths filled with clean water. The beans are then dried on African beds under shade and transferred to a dry mill to separate the beans from the husk. Finally, they are packed into 60kg bags.