Sweet Dream, Colombia, Excelso EP Tolima

Sweet Dream, Colombia, Excelso EP Tolima

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Jan.–Feb. 2021
Caturra, Colombia, Typica, Castillo

La Orquidea Washing Station

Taste Notes: Dark Chocolate-Caramel Truffles, Chicory Ice Cream, Brazil Nuts.


A sweet espresso that gets even sweeter with milk. This is what you expect from your Sweet Dream. 

This espresso will treat you with a very nice, thick body and a clean aftertaste and it has this super milky/silky textureall the qualities that Colombian coffees usually deliver! 

The main taste notes are those of the sweets, like dark chocolate, caramel truffle, and chicory ice cream, along with a big nutty, buttery mouthfeelreminding of Brazil nuts. At the same time, a hint of fruitiness appears at the back with notes of white grape, white grapefruit, and lingonberry. 

Combining with milk, it becomes milder, even sweeter. The dark chocolate develops into a gentler and sweeter version and has this texture of porous white chocolate - sweet and buttery. We can easily imagine “Raffaello” by Ferrero—blanched almonds with that white signature buttercream. Yummy!

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