Wilfa Precision (WSP-1B)
Wilfa Precision (WSP-1B)
Wilfa Precision (WSP-1B)

Wilfa Precision (WSP-1B)

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An automatic coffee brewer developed with World Barista Champion Tim Wendelboe. Modern Scandinavian design featuring unprecedented temperature stability and a myriad of innovative features.[TABS]

Flow Control
With the Wilfa PRECISION’s adjustable flow control, you can fine-tune your coffee brewing according to the amount and your own taste preferences.

Precise heating system
The Wilfa PRECISION automatic coffee brewer features an advanced heating system that delivers water at the optimal extraction temperatures throughout the entire brewing cycle. The system achieves optimal temperature in seconds and maintains it for 99% of the brewing cycle.

Detachable water tank
Fresh, clean water is one of the most important ingredients in great coffee. To ensure the water stays clean, the Wilfa PRECISION has a detachable water tank.

The right ratio of coffee to water
Follow the measurements of freshly ground coffee and water indicated on the water tank, set the flow control to match, and enjoy.

Timing is everything
The Wilfa PRECISION’s precision pump allows for brewing with precisely the right amount of water at precisely the right time.



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