Limitless |  Brazil, Decaf
Limitless |  Brazil, Decaf
Limitless |  Brazil, Decaf
Limitless |  Brazil, Decaf

Limitless | Brazil, Decaf

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MC* Decaf


900-1100 m


Bourbon, Catuai




Origin: Brazil

Region: Santos


Taste notes – Dark chocolate, caramel, chicory.


With our Brazilian Decaf espresso, your pleasure from coffee becomes Limitless!

Limitless espresso is an excellent choice for those who prefer to have coffee in the evening or restrict caffeine intake at specific hours of the day. Round body, classic chocolaty base profile with sweet caramel and dried fruit sweetness – together with milk, it turns into dessert in your coffee cup. 



Brazil is the largest producer of coffee in the world, with a range that encompasses smallholder farms to vast estates. The soils, regional climate, and temperatures provide excellent growing conditions. However, Brazil lacks the altitude considered crucial for creating the most exclusive taste profiles expected from Arabica coffee. Much of its coffee is grown at or below 1,000 meters above sea level—much lower than the typical 1,400–1,800 meters found in many other coffee-producing nations.

MC Processing

There is lots of different terminology in the coffee industry, and although some are self-explanatory, others might be a little more vague, especially for newcomers. One of these is MC Decaf, which sounds as though it could relate to a DJ. It's a process – a method of removing the caffeine from coffee.

Caffeine occurs naturally in coffee beans as it is transferred from the plants from which they are picked. Consumers sometimes prefer to enjoy the beverage without experiencing the mild stimulating effects it induces. For instance, they might want to drink a coffee in the evening without being up all night afterwards. To provide what they want, decaffeination can be carried out in numerous ways, most usually using methylene chloride processing, which is where "MC" Decaf comes from. This involves using methylene chloride as a solvent to extract caffeine from the raw materials. Firstly, the beans are soaked in water to soften them. Next, using the direct method, the beans are soaked in MC solution and the resulting solution is siphoned off, taking the caffeine with it and leaving just the coffee product without the caffeine.

Alternatively, using the indirect method, the beans are only soaked in water and then the solution this produces is drained out. To prevent the flavours from going with it, this is then treated with MC to absorb solely the caffeine, with the oils returned to the now-decaffeinated product for re-absorption.



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